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When we build your projects, we create your ideal space by providing smart, innovative solutions matched with fast and safe execution, ensuring the quality you desire without disruption to your employees. EG will work collaboratively with you through our design teams to meet the unique requirements of renovation work. EG has an impeccable record of delivering projects on or ahead of schedule, with the highest safety standards.

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Our team of trained professionals have the experience and expertise to get the job done. Collaborate with us and help us materialize the space you envision.


With ample experience on a wide variety of projects that focus on practicality and aesthetics, we are able to provide useful advice on how you can build your space to fit your needs.


Our company houses years of technical knowledge and experience, with which we can provide any electrical design-build, installation, relocation, modification, repair and/or maintenance work that you may need.


Our plumbing service is provided by experts of their trade, and they will help you solve your piping problems quickly and efficiently.


We offer a full line of HVAC services, which includes air conditioning & heating installation, maintenance, and repair.

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