About Us

EG Engineering & Construction was incorporated and founded with a selected group of construction practitioners. Our commitment to understanding our customers’ specialized needs projects that are not only well designed and constructed, but are functional and cost effective as well.

With very competitive pricing in design, building permit application, construction, we also believe in reliable construction timing and good follow up service after construction.

We provide a diverse design and construction service for our Ontario customers. We have extensive experience in renovation with a large network of vendors and contractors all over the region. This allows us to cater to a wide range of renovation and construction needs.

Leave It to Us

We have knowledge and experience from the regulatory and legal requirements to sourcing for equipment and construction. We will manage the entire engineering, permit and construction within the schedule and budget. Our customized approach to build your space will provide you a satisfied solution

We Care for Details

We work with reliable providers who can provide any information you may need. We always follow the building codes and regulation to ensure your space is healthy and safe for you and your team. Let our engineering and construction experts give you a detailed idea that will take you to the that dream

We Think of You

We consider it important to know more about your business before beginning the design and construction, such as who you are, your goals and requirements in order to build a space that works for you now and in the future. Our team will learn about your strengths and your passions. We’d be happy to listen and incorporate your design elements in our design and construction plans. It’s our goal to create the right foundation for a beautiful, inspiring and functional commercial space.